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Cases & Trays

Our surgical cases and trays are manufactured with our exclusive ARC™ (All Riveted Construction) system of design, dramatically enhancing the durability, usability, and attractiveness of your case-tray system.

Fully Custom Designs

Every case we design is custom to our customer’s specifications.  Our engineering team works closely with our customers to ensure their product needs are met.  You can rest assured that we are thinking of your sterilization, branding, and product launch throughout the design process.


Our standard cases feature over-center latches for their durable and proven design. We also offer slide latches to allow for a low-profile case and easy storage while maintaining rigidity and durability.


Higher durometer medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, and high-quality nylon brackets ensure our cases have a strategic hold on the instruments they contain.

Reinforced Corners

Reinforced stainless steel corners protect the cases and contents from damage and allow the cases to stack and nest together. Our corners can be nylon-coated in standard colors and electropolished for a unique presentation.

Fully Riveted Construction

Arcamed uses only rivets in our case construction to provide advanced security and durability.


Larger diameter steamholes applied in a tight pattern allow for optimal steam penetration and drainage during the sterilization and cleaning processes.


Arcamed uses a combination of polypropylene, aluminum, and/or aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal to design and manufacture modular screw and implant caddies. They are designed to use several different materials to service the needs and functions of the modular caddies. Machined caddies are held to a tight tolerance to hold and secure the screws and implants. All our caddies are designed to aid in sterilization no matter the screw or implant material.


Arcamed offers 3D shaded silkscreening, laser etching, and deep image anodization to put the final touches on your case.


When it comes to cases and trays, timing and accuracy are absolutely critical to get your product to market. That’s why we make sure our process is fast and focused. See how we guide your product from discovery to delivery.


Each of our customers has a unique set of delivery system needs for their instruments and implants, and it’s our job to quickly discover the solution. After you submit an inquiry, you can expect a prompt response from our team to discuss your project.

Once you’re ready to begin, one of our project engineers and a member of the sales team will sit down with you to determine project details such as launch dates, product specifications, and custom branded design options for your product. It’s all part of our fast and focused collaborative approach.

“The folks at Arcamed have been so helpful and great to work with. We appreciate everything you have done.” – Senior Project Manager


As far as Arcamed is concerned, your instruments and implants are a critical aspect of improving patients’ lives, and they should be delivered accordingly. Arcamed ensures that can happen.

With over fifty years of combined experience with cases and trays, our team focuses on designing every detail just the way you need it. From the aesthetics to the functionality, we’ve established a project roadmap that understands the importance of your design. It’s this attention to detail that ensures your product will be physically protected and visually represented.

“They look really great. I am really happy with the results. Thank you so much for your patience with all the changes and requests!” – Senior Development Engineer


Whether we’re manufacturing an order of one or 1,000 cases at a time, every case we manufacture receives the same level of careful attention. We focus on lean manufacturing and world-class processes to support a well-trained workforce skilled in all aspects of manufacturing. And with in-house manufacturing, this level of control allows us to know exactly where your product is in our process and that it meets print specifications. It also helps us provide customers with up-to-the-minute information so you can feel confident you will get what you need when you need it. Our control allows us to offer the following lead times to our customers:

2 Weeks – Level 1 Prototype
4 Weeks – Level 3 Prototype
6 Weeks – Production orders

“We have seen no late shipments and no non-conformances from Arcamed. The six-week lead time CANNOT be beat by any other vendor.” – Sourcing/Production Engineer


For our customers, a great product is only great if it’s on-time, and we take on-time delivery very, very seriously. We know cases and trays are the last step in your product launch process, so quick response times and speed-to-market are our top priorities to get your product out the door on time.

As a rule of thumb, we operate under a sense of urgency—without sacrificing accuracy—meaning we deliver exactly what you need when you need it. We adhere to the highest standards of delivery, and our customers can attest to that. Fast and focused is not just our company motto—it’s our promise.

“I have found it to be very rare to find a company that delivers high-quality product quickly and at a low delivered price. Typically, manufacturers are able to deliver on one or maybe two of these critical components, but seldom, if ever, do we find a company that can deliver on all three. However, Arcamed has managed to do just that.” – Director of Logistics

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