Arcamed has been on a listening tour, speaking to our OEM friends regarding industry trends and discovering the areas where the supply chain underserves the market. Through conversations with our current customer base, we have discovered where our ability to consistently deliver on what matters most to our customers intersects with the needs of the underserved segment of the larger market.

Fast: On average, our case and tray competitors have been quoting lead times 3-4 times longer than Arcamed’s. We know short lead times don’t matter without the on-time delivery to back it up. Arcamed has maintained an average OTD of 93.5% since our origin in 2011. Not only has Arcamed added manufacturing capacity to maintain short lead times, but we have also continued to add top talent to our Product Development Team. Our team members use a streamlined process to design brand new systems or reverse-engineer existing product in timeframes that are typically half of what you would hear from our competition to just manufacture.

Focused: Arcamed has targeted the middle market for over a decade, learning to navigate through vast quantity ranges without affecting consistent industry-leading lead times and quality. Due to an increase in customer demand and continued commitment to competitive lead times, we have purchased millions of dollars of new equipment that has resulted in production capacity expansion of over 40%. In Q2 of this year we are expanding our facility by an additional 17,000 square feet. We plan to incorporate additions to gain increased control over the flow of product and the speed at which we can move through manufacturing.

Committed: Arcamed leads with a partnership mentality and works with customers that want the same. We have 12 years of proof that manufacturing does not always go according to plan and the only way to handle that is with open and honest communication with our customers. When your team is kept up to speed on progress and potential delays, there are no surprises. We believe in over-communication, especially when issues arise that might impact our customers. We operate as an extension of your team, and you will feel that from day one.

Jon Desalvo CEO
Trevor Zike Business Development Manager
Justin Brown Project Manager
Ayden Verona Business Development Specialist
Luis Otero Instrument and Implant Sales Engineer

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If these pillars match your supplier standards to meet new product launches; or obtain legacy products right and on time, we would love to connect with you to see how we can help. Please reach out through our “Get Started” tab in the top right corner of our website, or contact our Head of Business Development, Trevor Zike, at We look forward to learning about your needs and beginning an honest partnership together.