History of Arcamed

Arcamed Exterior Photo

The idea for Arcamed began in 2011 at an equipment auction outside of a Speedway, Indiana machine shop. Arcamed’s founders, Greg Maurer and Kevin Etzkorn, believed that the orthopedic original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) were being underserved by their supply chain. As they attended trade shows and conducted market research, Greg and Kevin consistently heard stories of long lead times, lackluster customer service, and uninspired designs. Armed with this insight, they set out to create a supplier with a focus on excellence in customer service, design, quality and delivery lead times, no matter the size of the customer.

Arcamed officially launched in 2012. Our leased space was being improved, so we temporarily opened for business with three pieces of equipment in a 500-square-foot, bank-owned facility with a leaky roof. Once we got out of those humble beginnings and into our newly leased space, we made a name for ourselves with our original product line of sterilization case and tray systems. The Arcamed team members proved to OEM’s that they could deliver on their promises through attentive customer service, industry-leading lead times, and consistent on time delivery.

As we grew, Arcamed’s partnership mentality attracted customers that viewed us as an extension of their businesses. Seeking to deepen these partnerships, our customers asked us to expand our capabilities in the production of precision parts, a soft spot in the supply chain. With this in mind, Arcamed purchased Memphis-based Veracity Medical in 2018. During the process of consolidating Veracity into Arcamed’s Indianapolis facility, the Arcamed team embraced the new complexities and challenges of this part of the supply chain and invested in the talent and technology needed to drive Arcamed’s success.

Always looking to the future, Arcamed is excited about the opportunity to add great partner-minded customers to its cadre of enterprise, mid-market and start-up OEM’s. As we grow, we will never deviate from our focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers by delivering the right products, on time, with exceptional customer service. With an expert board of directors, a dedicated leadership team, and a skilled, capable workforce, Arcamed has ensured its founding principles and relentless focus on people and culture remain top of mind through our future substantial growth.

Arcamed Team Members

Our team has over eighty five years of combined experience meeting the contract manufacturing needs of the orthopedic OEM market. Get to know the executives and sales team who will be working closely with your project.

Jon Desalvo CEO

Jon Desalvo

Justin Cleaver Operations Manager

Justin Cleaver
Operations Manager

Brandon Sobera Quality and Logistics Manager

Brandon Sobera
Quality and Logistics Manager

Amy Polston Finance Manager

Amy Polston

Caroline Squatrito

Caroline Squatrito
Human Resources Manager

Trevor Zike Business Development Manager

Trevor Zike
Business Development Manager

Derek Jahnke Strategic Relations Manager

Derek Jahnke
Strategic Relations Manager

Luis Otero Business Development Engineer

Luis Otero
Business Development Engineer

Ayden Verona Business Development Specialist

Ayden Verona
Business Development Specialist

Justin Brown Engineer Manager

Justin Brown
Engineer Manager

Arcamed Board of Directors

Greg Maurer Board Member

Greg Maurer
Executive Chairman

Kevin Etzkorn Board Member

Kevin Etzkorn

Mark Hillenburg II Board Member

Mark Hillenburg II

Mickey Maurer Board Member

Mickey Maurer

Van Flamion Board Member

Van Flamion