At Arcamed, we embrace all projects from all customers, no matter their size.

The thrill of an engineering challenge

Speaking as Arcamed’s Business Development Manager, I can say for certain our engineers enjoy the challenges. It allows us to be creative and test our capabilities in design and manufacturing. It makes things a little more fun, too.

We’ve tackled exciting challenges such as taking a project from the design stages to shipping the parts in just a couple weeks. A project like that takes all departments being on top of their game and a lot of communication—something we’re constantly emphasizing here at Arcamed.

Projects and customers in every size

Our motto has always been to form a good working relationship with small- and medium-sized businesses and grow with them. And as we’ve grown, we’re taking on bigger customers, but things haven’t changed or strayed from that initial vision. As long as we continue to communicate, maintain transparency with our clients, and meet deadlines, we can build cases, trays, and surgical sets for the smallest customers to the largest.

Because ultimately, we treat every customer and project the same. Our team is great at communication and adhering to commitments, which is a formula that works with any size of customer. As a result, we can say “yes” more than “no,” we can take on exciting challenges, and we can revel in the hard-earned reward of overcoming what seems impossible to others.

– Trevor Zike, Business Development Manager

Up for the Challenge

“Our engineers enjoy the challenges.”

– Trevor Zike, Business Development Manager