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Instruments & Implants

Our capabilities span from initial prototypes to full production runs and are scalable according to our partner needs – with our experienced team here to support every step of the process.

Depending on need and product complexity, lead times can be tailored to meet project timelines.

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Instrument & Implant Gallery

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Design for Manufacturability

Our DFM capabilities position Arcamed to assist in taking your project from concept to launch.

As an extension of your team, our DFM assistance can be utilized in the development of a single component all the way to a full system. Leveraging our DFM services can lower cost, shorten lead times, increase functionality, and ensure a smooth process.


When you partner with us, we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we have established a smart and swift process to ensure your products arrive exactly when you want them and with the utmost accuracy. See our pattern for success.


Before taking on a new project we want to ensure that it is the right fit. After receiving a request for quote, an Arcamed representative will reach out to you to discuss your team’s expectations and requirements.

Whether your project involves a need for a short production lead time or proving a complex assembly design, our team wants to ensure that we can deliver on your needs before moving forward.


Our Manufacturing Engineer will start to thoroughly evaluate each component and assembly, ensuring there are no processes, features, or tolerances that could affect the pricing and lead time that is needed.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is something we take very seriously and is key to both our teams’ success. Attention to detail and open communication throughout the process is how we assure you’ll receive your order exactly as you requested.


One of the advantages of in-house manufacturing is increased control and regulation. This level of visibility allows us to ensure your parts are of the highest quality and are progressing towards our commitments.

We never want anything unplanned to occur during the manufacturing process, but if there is a change, our team will notify you immediately. We want to ensure that you know the same information as soon as we do, as we feel that is what makes a partnership.


As a strategic partner, we are only successful if we can deliver the product you need by the date requested. We know how important your instruments are to the product launch process, surgeon approval, and eventually improving the quality of life for a patient. That’s why our entire team takes pride in delivering quality products on-time and with the highest level of accuracy. We know the drill.

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